North Texas Basements

Basements in Texas: A bold new idea!

The whole building concept, as its name implies, is comprehensive. It encompasses the climate, the specific home site, the foundation, walls, and roof, the use ofwindows and doors and natural lighting, the heating and cooling systems, appliances, and lighting. By integrating these components with the proven energy efficiency of a basement, a home can be built for the same or lower cost than a traditional home and can offer significant savings in energy use.

Basements make better buildings

The most common reasons for considering a basement, are the benefits of this added space, which are; it is more cost effective, economical and energy efficient.  (Think Green)   Basements are durable and environmentally friendly. And basements can provide a safe haven from tornados and wind storms. There are many more reasons and benefits of including this value added option, a basement, to your home when you decide to build. And we will be glad to discuss those with you.


North Texas Basements & Concrete is a total solutions residential & commercial concrete formwork contractor specializing in basement construction, pan forming, building of columns, vertical walls, retaining walls, cisterns and culverts.


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